Relaxation on International Relaxation Day, 15 August, 2023

There are numerous ways and methods that can be used to enhance a state relaxation and wellbeing. Simple methods include reading a book, painting, listening to music that you find relaxing.

Research has highlighted how many people find walking or exercising in greenspaces such as parks, forests and the countryside very relaxing. For others, walking in blue spaces such as a beach, lakeside or a coastal path reduces stress and enhances relaxation too.

Health educators and trainers, therapists, doctors, practice nurses, health coaches and psychologists may recommend a variety of relaxation and breathing techniques that help to relax the body and mind. On this International Relaxation Day website some of these techniques are described. Click on the links below to find out more.

Decide which technique is most effective for you. When using these methods to relax, do attempt to stay awake so you can experience the physical and psychological benefits of The Relaxation Response. You may wish to use smartphones with alarms to ensure you wake up if are you are prone to fall asleep when relaxed. Only practice these techniques when it is safe to do so.


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